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Now it’s possible for our Provo dentist, Dr. Hamblin, to offer our patients the beautiful smile they have always wanted for a price much lower than the cost of lab-based veneers. With Edelweiss™ composite veneers, it’s never been so easy to create the natural shape and youthful luminance of a tooth so perfectly.


One Appointment

With no lab time or separate appointments for consultations, impressions, temporary seatings, and permanent restorations, Edelweiss makes it possible for us to give our patients a natural-looking, long- lasting smile in one appointment – start to finish.


Minimally Invasive

Edelweiss composite veneers are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes, which were expertly developed based on a study of variations in natural tooth anatomy. This scientifically established range allows us to start with a veneer that already closely matches the shape and size of your tooth. This reduces the amount of required tooth preparation, allowing you to keep more natural tooth structure intact. It also prevents you from having to adapt the composite veneer as much as other systems may require.


Economically priced

Because Edelweiss veneers are prefabricated, they are less expensive then lab-based veneers. The affordability of Edelweiss unlocks what was once out of reach for many people: a beautiful, aesthetic smile.


Each Edelweiss composite veneer is laser-sintered, combining a high-glass, uniform surface with a thermally tempered composite base. The result is the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. It’s the unique manufacturing technology that gives Edelweiss composite veneers their unsurpassed durability and exceptionally natural look.

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